Report Forms

These forms can be used throughout the year and are found on this website by clicking on the form name:

Annual Financial Report
Fee Schedule
Instructions for Filing 990 E-Postcard
President's Council Form
Randolph Relief - NEW GUIDELINES

Treasurer's Reports
Late Payment Form
Officers Monthly Expense Report Form
Reinstatement Form

The following year-end reporting forms are found on this website by clicking on the form.

Officer Reports
Chapter Chaplain Report Form
Chapter Officers Report Form
Chapter Registrar's Report Form
Chapter Second Vice President Report Form
Historian's Statistical Report Word Doc (editable)
President's Rating Sheet

Committee Reports
Benevolent Activities
Code for Correct Use of the Confederate Flags
Correct Use of the Confederate Flag
Grave Markers
Jefferson Davis Highway
Jefferson Davis Highway Markers
Magazine Special Issue Report
Magazine Report Form
Monuments and Memorial Markers
Music of the Confederacy
Patriotic Activities
Preservation of Records of Historic Sites
Public Relations Report
Radio and Television
Randolph Relief Fund Report
Records of Interment of Confederate Veterans
Southern Cross of Honor PDF (print-only) or Word Doc (editable)
Southern Literature and Arts
Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) PDF (print-only) or Word Doc (editable)

Committee forms and other information can also be found on the UDC General website.

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