The United Daughters of the Confederacy offers scholarships to lineal descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors who fought honorably during the War Between the States. The lineage must be straight-line lineal (i.e., great grandfather, great-great grandfather), as opposed to collateral (i.e., great uncle, second cousin, etc.). A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required to apply.

The scholarship applications are only available through a UDC Chapter. The Chapter will write a letter of endorsement that will be included with the application. The candidate will submit the completed application along with all required documentation to the Chapter by the Chapter deadline. Chapters set their own deadlines in order for the applications to be received by the Division Second Vice President by the Division deadline. The Division Second Vice President will send the applications to the Second Vice President General by the General deadline.

Applications are good for both the General scholarships and the five South Carolina Division scholarships, when available. The South Carolina Division scholarships are available to residents of our state for use in state schools, colleges and universities.

The deadline for submission of scholarship applications to the South Carolina Division 2nd Vice President is March 15th of each year.

PLEASE NOTE: The South Carolina Division also requires the following: One additional copy of each item #1 - #10 in the Required Materials section of the General Scholarship Application Checklist. (#5 - #10 must be collated).

All applications are forwarded to the Second Vice President General for consideration in the awarding of available General scholarships. When the General awards are announced during the summer, the remaining eligible applications are considered for any available Division scholarships. To read about our scholarships you can go to, scroll down and click on Scholarships. You will see that all of our scholarships begin at the Chapter level. All applicants must be sponsored by a UDC Chapter and have appropriate signatures. The actual scholarships can only be accessed by UDC members through the UDC MEMBERS ONLY WEBSITE.

South Carolina Division currently has five endowed scholarships: the Poppenheim Scholarship, the Dotsy Lloyd Boineau Scholarship, the Jonathan H. Owings Scholarship, the Marjorie Nelson Adamson Scholarship, and the Webb-Rutherford Scholarship.

Students who apply for scholarships through the South Carolina Division are required to comply with published rules.

The South Carolina Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy is very happy to award scholarships to worthy recipients to further their education.

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